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    Dazed, Confused, Upgrading Dilema Help Badly

    This is my equipment- All Adcom
    GDD-1 5.1 Dolby
    GTP-600 Tuner preamp
    GFA-2535 100 watt 4 channel amp
    GFA-555II 250 watt 2 channel amp
    GCD-700 5 disk digital to analog cd changer
    Adcom ACE 515 Line conditioner
    Energy Veritas 2.3 mains
    Klipsch KV-3 center
    Klipsch SW10 woofer
    Polk RC1 Rears (I know, I know)
    Panasonic 50" Professional HD Plasma DVI & RGB connections
    Anyway, my tuner preamp is having problems and needs to be replaced. Can't fit anymore speakers at present time but want to be prepared for 7.1. Wife is complaining about number of pieces but I don't want to go down in quality. What do I keep? What do I get rid of? I love the amps but if I go 7.1 I don't want to add another amp. Don't mind 5.1 at present time. Thinking of replacing center with matching Veritas 2.0ci? I used to be somewhat good at this but I haven't kept up. Can someone please offer sound advice who isn't trying to sell me something? Even if you are trying to sell me something I would listen. Thanks, Dan

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    The Outlaw 990 is one of the more popular pre/pro's out today. Looks like it would fit your system perfectly. Also I wouldn't bother with 7.1....what's the use?

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    Matching center, good move. Adcom also has a preamp/processor. What you want is a preamp processor, this will allow you to replace the GTP-600 and sell the GDD-1. Pre/pro's have all the decoding built in. You'd make points with the wife by combining 2 pieces in to one. The GDD-1 is a unique piece, you might get a decent price to the right buyer.

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