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    CRT Screensize limitations?

    Hi. Do CRT screens have size limitations? Loss of brightness and definition on the edges perhaps?

    I ask this because I read somewhere that the largest CRT screen is 90cm (35"), yet yestrerday I was interested in a Telefunken 102cm widescreen CRT. Is there a reason why most other manufactures do not do this size?

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    Yes, they do have size limitations, though not necessarily because brightness or scanning is a problem. Large tubes are difficult to manufacture, as well as sell (primarily becasue of their bulk and cost), especially now that cheaper, thinner panels are on the market. The direct-view CRT size limit for mainstream mfters used to be 40", but that huge and ungainly animal has gone the way of the dinosaur. Production of CRT tubes is scaling down in earnest now, and production lines for widescreen versions are set up mainly for 34". Standard 4:3 screens tap out at 36". It's only a matter of time before all of them disappear. The Telefunken has my curiosity. I thought that the company made pro audio equipment. I've heard mention of a 42" widescreen TV, but where is it sold?


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