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    Which CRT to buy?

    Well based upon what I've read about LCDs and the screendoor effect I'm pretty sure I'll be purchasing a good 'ol tube CRT. I've slimmed it down to these 3. The Samsung
    TX-S3082WH-$664.99 & TX3080WHX- $664.99 and the LG 30FS4D-$759.99. All 3 are at Best Buy plus I've got a 10% off certificate. Any pros or cons I should be concerned about? All 3 appear to be pretty good sets and I'm leaning toward the Samsungs due to the fact that their about hundred bucks cheaper. Thanks in advance.

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    Samsung 30 inch CRT TV seem to be a hit or miss TV. Some of them seem to have issue with their geometry (bow tie effect). You may want to try one in your house, gaurantying a return policy.

    Here is also recent evaluation of CRT TVs by ConsumerReports magazine....

    ConsumerReports CRT TV Rating.

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