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    Connecting two receivers

    I own a Denon 1803 receiver and am considering purchasing a Denon 3805. My plan is to put one in the living room to support my home entertainment center and one in the study for my computer, then connect them. I want to be able to play music in my living room and have it come out of the speakers in the living room and the study. I'd also like to be able to play audio from my computer and hear it in both rooms.

    I /think/ this should just be a simple matter of connecting them with two optical/coax cables and have the ports they are connected to acting as input on one receiver and output on the other and vice versa. I have two concerns: 1. that when a receiver is sending output to the digital out, it will not send the output to the speakers at the same time (like plugging in headphones), so I would not be able to listen to sound simultaneously, and 2. a lesser concern, that if I set the audio settings wrong I could wind up with a feedback loop.

    Has anyone tried this out? Any ideas on whether it'll work? Thanks in advance!

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    Some receivers have a multiroom connection specifically for this--not sure about Denon. If they don't have a dedicated multi-room connection then you can use the preouts (assuming the Denon has preouts) to do the connection.

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