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    Component Video vs Coaxial cable

    I am planning on installing a front projector that will most likely require about a 20 foot component video cable from the source. I have looked at a 26 ft solution from Monster (can't remember the model, but listed for $120) and the sales rep indicated it may be better to run 3 coaxial cables with RCA connectors for a run that long as the Monster cable would lose signal that far. Is this generally what users will install for this distance? Also, if anyone has a good site to buy decent coaxial cable with decent connectors, let me know. Generally the twist on connectors I have used for cable are worthless.

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    Many people claim that RG6 cable is best for runs further than 25 ft., though it isn't a guarantee. You're not really into dangerous territory with your length; you're just ahead of the traditional brink of signal loss. Why not take a look at the component cables by length/model number at Pacific Cable's website? The prices are good, and you can browse the site for intormation or give them a call. A cable designed for your length, with a little wiggle room, should be readily available. By the way, BNC connectors would probably be best, but if the projector takes RCAs, it won't make much difference.

    Also, component cables are coaxial; that is, each of the three separate runs has a single cylindrical axis.

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