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    Component video problem- DVD or TV

    Hi all,

    I have my dvd player connected using component video for progresive scan to a 32inch Panasonic HD set. The player was recently in for the annual warranty and spec check.
    The video is switched through my receiver to the TV.

    Every time I turn the player on shades of green, red, and blue bars scroll through the image (one at a time). The picture is terrible. I have someone coming out to look at my TV next week, but thought I would give the forum a shot because everyon here has been such a great help to me in the past.

    Here is what I have done:

    I checked my x-box (also switched throuh the receiver)- no problem
    I changed the component video cables- same problem as above
    Cleaned the connectors and input jacks- no luck there
    Double checked all of my conections- still no help
    My cable feed is having a similar problem (not nearly as bad)
    The problem is present through interlaced ouput as well.
    I tried the CV input 2 ib the TV- same problem as above

    Any suggestions. Anyone had a similar problem? The problem started less than 4 days ago. The only thing that has changed in my system since then is the addition of a dvd recorder.

    Your suggestions are valued and appreciated.


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    Check every cable, one at a time.
    Try different inputs on the receiver.
    It doesn't sound like the t.v. if the x-box works and they are both running through the receiver, it should be a connection, maybe dvd player.
    (Please don't be insulted) I have seen people with the same problem that had two video sources going into the same video input on the receiver at the same time(eg. an S-video and component both plugged into video 1)
    Lastly forget the receiver and run the video directly to the t.v. and then switch the cord
    Hopefully it is in there somewhere

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