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    Question component or S-video for non-HDTV

    So I am getting a DVD player for the HT system and would like the appropriate connection to my non-HDTV. DVD has progressive scan and all the options for output. TV has composite, S-video and component inputs.

    Since its not HDTV, is there any advantage to using component connection over S-video?



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    In order from worst to best, composite, S-Video, component. So, use the best one you have available. In this case, component.

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    The reply of Abstentia gives you the answer. In case you want to learn more, take a look on the link below. It's a long thread about comparison of Component / Svideo / Composite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark
    Since its not HDTV, is there any advantage to using component connection over S-video?
    Here are some things to consider:

    1. Component is better than S-video but there are certain caveats. It is better because it has better color saturation. But to take full advantage of this you need a) an excellent source, b) a large TV, and c) an HDTV.

    2. Progressive scan is of no use to you unless you have an HDTV.

    3. There are pros to using S-video like if you have another S-video source you can use your A/V receiver as a switch so you don't need to dick around with your TV when going from DVD to cable box.

    My final analysis is that if there is any improvement it would be minimal, i.e. very difficult to tell under most conditions so I wouldn't worry about. Wait until you get an HDTV and then reassess your situation.
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