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    Component out/S video out with Yamaha receiver

    Hey guys, I have a problem with my home theater receiver. Well, maybe not a problem but more of a question. I just hooked up my new RX-V650 Yamaha reciever this weekend and I have component outs for my DVD player so, here is what I did....

    Componenet outs from DVD player to receiver in the "DVD" slot and for monitor in, did Components from there to Video 2 of the TV. So, that should take care of the monitor out part for the TV right?
    Then I did an S-Video from my satellite to the receiver.

    When I switch back and forth on the receiver from SAT to DVD I don't get any pic on the SAT. Is that because of the component outs to the TV? If so, how do I get the DVD to run with a component out if nothing else in my home theater will have the component out?

    Do I need to run the DVD to Video 2 using the components and run the rest of the S-Video stuff to Video 3 using the S-Video?

    Please give me a little feedback on this one thanks a lot.

    I have a Pioneer (260) DVD player and a Hitachi 57" Widescreen TV also.


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    sounds like it doesnt have component up conversion. so it wont be able to turn s video into component.

    if it was me i would just run 1 component cable from your dvd straight to your tv into 1 input and then from your sat straight into the tv into a different input for s video. and let your receiver handle just sound.

    or you could buy another s video cable and run that from the receivers monitor out on s video to your tv. that would handle the sat's problem as well.

    check your manual and see if it can do component upconversion, maybe it can and its just a matter of setting it up.

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    I concur. If you have component video up conversion, make sure it is turned on in the settins menu. If you don't then you might as well run each unit's video straight to the tv since you only have those two sources. Of course this requires chaning the tv's input along with the receiver's input.

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    Thanks for the heads up. The receiver only has S-Video up conversion so I guess I either have to do a 2nd input from the TV or just go with the S-Video for it...But, then again I did spend $40 on that damn Component cable : ( so I think I will utilize it...Not to mention the fact that the movies look so dang unreal with them. I notice a huge difference with them over the S-Video. Thanks a lot guys.

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