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    Choice of budget home theater receivers

    I will be adding a home theater receiver to my room mainly for music listening. I would like to maintain the ability to run a surround setup (therefore the home theater receiver). I have narrowed my choices for my price range to the Yamaha HTR-5960 and the Marantz SR4600. I am leaning to the Yamaha as it has built in phono.

    Do you have any other suggestions other than the two listed?
    Also, what is your opinion about the better of the two that I have listed?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Yes, pioneer vsx-816k for under $300, or vsx 1014tx for slightly over $300. Both have
    phono inputs, both are great HT units for the price. 1014 is loaded with features for
    the money, and play music very well. Good luck

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    i just bought the pioneer vsx-816-k for a cheap receiver. it had the most features for <$300 & it was the only one i saw that had the preamp outputs that i wanted. i've never been a pioneer fan but i thought i'd try it out due to the many great reviews i've read about their newer receivers.
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    I have the Yamaha RX-V659 which is the same as the HTR-5960 just different names for different dealers...big boxes for the HTR and smaller shops for the RX...BB and Tweeter...
    I like the 659 very much...great power and sound, easy to set up, lots of tweak capabilities and well made.
    Good luck and keep us informed on your decision.
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    You could probably get a Pioneer Elite model on eBay or somewhere else fairly used...often times with 90-day warranties if they are refurbished and they are typically less than $500. If you don't want to go that route...go with a regular Pioneer model.

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    Add my vote for the any of the Pioneers.

    You mentioned wanting to have the ability to run a surround set up and the Pioneers mentioned are 7.1 and work well for music and HT. Auto calibration is very very good feature and something you won't find in other units at this price point. You may be able to find an VSX-815 out there at a discount. Appears to be the same as the 816 but does not have a XM radio option.

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    You can't go wrong with a Yamaha. I have been very pleased.

    Whatever you do, be sure to get a model with pre-outs, you can always add external power amp(s) if you want. Better for 2-channel music and it takes a load off the receiver. The power amp section is the weak link in multi-channel receivers. Their technology is amazing, however they cannot compete with a decent standalone amp.


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