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    cheap and crisp?!stab

    alright, heres the deal. im a college kid- meaning i have little money. i really like my music though and as im sure all of you agree, music is more enjoyable out of good speakers. i am in the market for what i guess would be considered low-range speakers (ballpark of 200-800 US dollars). beyond that, im open to suggestions i guess. i would plan on keeping my rca stav-4090 receiver if that makes a difference to any of you. ill try to check in on this every day so if youd like to help but have any questions preventing, let me know. thank you for ANY help you could give me.

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    Welcome to AR. You might want to check these speakers out. They are very neutral with an extended treble.

    Good luck.
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    Im not sure about that particular receiver model, but I would rather have good speakers and a good amp, rather than great speakers and a poor amp.

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    Hi Danberryman,

    Probably the best value in speakers under 1K. the NHT Classic Three. It is a 'bookshelf' speaker' but is capable of awesome sound. The Absolute Sound's Robert Harley reckons its the best speaker bargain under 1K. I think they run about $800, so its at the very top of your limit. Something at the beginning of your range, and very interesting, is also by NHT - the Pro M-00. It runs at 249.00 the pair. It is also self powered. Look for reviews of these. Both highly recommmended by TAS.

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    I would second Soundguys advice about considering a reciever upgrade. You can get a pretty decent bookshelf speaker in the price range you listed. Find some vendors in your area and test as many as you can. Speakers in this price range can have some very specific characteristics and you will to find what sounds best to your ears.

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    thanks folks

    thanks for the good advice, it does look like a lot of people think highly of those speakers. as for my amp, i like it for now. when money frees up ill look into another one but its behind speakers, a computer and a car... haha. i havent had any problems with it, it is quite user friendly and it sounds clearer than i could ask for.

    anyone who reads this and has a receiver choice for me also in the rather low end price range, feel free to post that too

    thanks again everyone

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