Hi All, I haven't kept up with the latest technology in Home Theater, still back in the 90's! Anyway, I bought a new Yamaha HT receiver RV1600 Amp and some Infinity TS1100 speakers and trying to learn how to use them them with concert videos for the best sound. I am trying various settings and soon I will need to get serious and read the manual and seek other sources. I have some great Theil 2.2 speakers and some dynamite Dahlquists, so am a stereo type person all the way. Home theater is a new frontier for me. I love concerts, being there and watching the videos, nothing like it as far as I am concerned. Everything from hard rock to the blues grabs me.I just want to experience the best "live" sound I can get.
Some DVD's will be Dolby stereo, others 5.1 DTS, depending on vintage. I don't care, just need to know how to achieve the best sound.