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    Can someone offer me some advice on my Blu-ray set up? :(

    OK, here is the deal. I just don't get it.

    I have a Sony BDP-S301 with the latest updated firmware. I have it hooked up via HDMI to a 1080P JVC LCD television. For the most part, no problems.

    However, there is a button called VIDEO FORMAT that you use to select the desired resolution. When I set it to "1080P" the display on the BD player says "1080P" and the display on my television confirms "1080P".

    But there are 2 other options, one called "auto" and the other called "source direct". When I choose either of these, both the BD player and my TV state that the signal is 1080i. This is not right, it should be 1080P due to the source material and the native resolution of my television.

    Any ideas? Does it even matter? I guess I am just picky and when things don't make sense they irritate me.

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    Just a WAG (wild ass guess)
    try it with different discs. SOME MIGHT BE 1080I.
    You set will tell you the signal is 1080i, but since the "native" format is 1080p thats
    BEFORE the set upconverts it, or deinterlaces it.
    ON source direct you will get a 1080i signal because thats the source, instead of the player deinterlacing it like it usually does.
    on "auto" you will get 1080i because that is probably the default, since 1080p is still pretty rare, it makes sense that the "default" is 1080i, so in auto it goes to 1080i.
    Just like the early DVD's automatically played the pro logic soundtrack, they did this because most had that, few had DD decoders when DVD first came out.
    If you "auto" output 1080p then you wouldnt get a picture on a set that isnt 1080p capable,
    pretty much like MR pee doesnt get a picture on his 1080i set when he chooses
    1080p on HIS bluray.
    In other words this is still a general use player, it has to be set up for the most common scenarios.
    And a 1080i output will cover 720p, and 1080i TV sets. Both will take 1080i, neither will take 1080p.
    In other words its set up to work on the max amount of TVS, which are 1080I and 720P
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