Hey everybody, I'm piciking out recievers under $900.00 and I got my eye on the Cambridge Audio 540R. Mostly for 5.1 HT, then music. I'll admit I really want nice looking equipment on my system rack preferrably silver color units, tired of black boxes, so the looks really caught my eye. From my understanding the unit has a very clean power supply which is great. I'm a noob , but I'm not really crazy about extra bells and whistles like, sound hall, opera, church stuff, on some recievers. But my concern with the 540R is it's connectivity with my Hitatchi 51in HDTV television and Time Warner HD cable box. Should I be concerned about not having DVI, or HDMI connections or could I gain all those connections on a Cambridge Audio DVD player and route it that way or what? Or is there some "do it all" piece of equipment to keep me up to speed for HD Video? All advice is well appreciated!