Anyone tried the Comcast Cablecard? I currently have the Motorola STB and wanted to get rid of it due to 1) We never really use the guide, PPV, or interactive services. 2) Less equipment, cables, etc. 3) Less signal conversion, back and forth, degradation. 4) Cost of renting the STB (Comcast does not charge a fee for the cable card, however they told me there is a $29 service fee to send a tech out because it has to be a "professional installation" - which is bull crap.)

Question's: 1) Will I get a better signal on analog and digital/HD due to elimiating the STB and letting my Sony's Tuner handle all signals? 2) What about the PIP/2 Tuner capability? With the cable card wouldn't this feature now be feasible again.

Also anyone want to share their OTA reception advice, antenna recommendations?