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    Buying advice for Newbie

    Not a hardcore. Would like to spend $700-$900 to start. Would like ability to add surround sound speakers in future, but could start with fewer. Might be happy without surround sound?? I'd appreciate suggestions for a receiver, speakers, and whatever else I'll need. Thanks, I'm sure this question has been asked 100 times.

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    Hi Richard, a few questions for you to get you started:

    1. What are the dimensions of your room?
    2. What are your sources (e.g. DVD Player, PVR, Gaming Consoles, CDP, Turntable, etc)
    3. Is this system primarily for music or home theater?
    4. Any preference towards satellite speakers, bookshelf speakers or loudspeakers?
    5. What is your taste in music?

    With your budget in mind you are definitely on the right track by building slowly over time

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    Slow reply, sorry.

    To answer your questions. Room is probably 18x24, DVD and CD player, no gaming, possible turntable to play or record all 78's. System is probably more for music than home theater, but would like the option of home theater. Bookshelf size, although could go larger if the sound was significantly better for same price. Music taste is varied, classical, bluegrass, probably shouldn't make this a big factor, since overall I am reasonably ignorant regarding music. I'm trying to rectify that. Thank you for taking the time to post regarding my questions, I appreciate it.

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    18' x 24' is a decent size room. Ultimately you'll need a good size sub woofer to produce the amount of bass needed in this size room. But that can come later. I would start with a moderately priced A-V receiver and a pair of bookshelf speakers. You may be able to get this for $900.00. Stick with the better brand names out there in HT even if you have to go with their entry level units. These include NAD, Marantz, Rotel, Onkyo, Denon, etc. They should all have an entry level A-V receiver probably in the 60 watt RMS per channel area (just an educated guess). I would stay clear of the mass market stores but patronize a local privately owned higher end audio store if you have one nearby. You can't go wrong with these. (I chose a Marantz SR5600, 90 watt RMS x 7 and so far, very happy with it). As far as loudspeakers, you can save $$ with bookshelf over floor mount units and then add a powered subwoofer later on to produce the bass levels you're going to need. My suggestions would be NHT, PSB, B&W, KEF, etc. These all offer bookshelf as well as floor mount and then down the road, monitors for your surround sound. Hope this helps.
    Have fun. The fun is in the auditioning and the buying !!!

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