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    Burnt out TV? Clicking noise?

    hi all!
    I left my tv on and was in the other room, when i came back, i heard a slight clicking noise and the power light was flickering. No picture, the vcr, cable, everything else is working fine. I unplugged the tv, left it off for a while, plugged it back in, and without even hitting the power button, the clicking noise resumes.
    I thought i smelt something burning, but i can't tell because my nose is stuff (what luck) so i dont really know if its the tv burnt something out or the neighbors are smoking pot again.

    And then when i unplug it, after hearing the clicking noise, it fades away, it doesnt just end fast. it's a 31" magnavox that i've had for about 9 years now and its served its time, BUT, i'd like to keep it alive and not have to get a new tv if possible. any quick thoughts if it can be saved or if this sounds like a dead end?

    thanks as always for the advice and any help.


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    While I can't be certain in your case... I had what sounds like the same problem a while back... Clicking noise, no picture, burning smell.

    The bottom line is the repair guys told me the picture tube was shot, and I had to replace my TV.

    I am hopeful you do not have the same bad luck, but I have a bad feeling you may have the same problem that I did... :-(


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    but i think you're right. i tried pinpointing the smell again, and it defn was coming from the tv. shot.


    thanks though!

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