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    Built in HD Tuners & Cable TV

    Would appreciate the straight scoop on this. I get my HD from my Cable Company (Time Warner) via their set up on my HD Ready TV. For some reason Time Warner does not carry the WB & UPN on HD & so those broadcasts won't be on HD.

    If I switched over & bought an HD TV with a built in tuner, assuming my HD service will be exactly the same and the set up will still be identical from Time Warner, because of the built in tuner, will channels like the WB & UPN, now magically turn up in HD on my cable connection?

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    Hi Edward,

    I believe the internal hd tuner is for antenna use
    If you get an antenna you may pickup the HD signal for WB & UPN assuming its being broadcast in HD

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    Here's a link to see which OTA HD channels are available in your area. Just put in your zip code.

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