Calling all experts!!!
Hi friends, I am looking into building some kind of DVD/Movie jukebox. I have been wavering from idea to idea and cannot decide what to do as I am really not sure what would look cool and work great. Anyways following were some of the things I came across :
* Sony DVP-CX7777ES and DVDLobby software (installed on a PC and connected to DVD Player via null modem serial cable). But I already have more than 400 DVDs so I may have to but another player
* XP Media Center(MC) : This one I am nore sure if I can do as I have never worked on this OS personally but do understand the concept. Please correct me if I am wrong. Maybe back up all my DVDs using software like DVD Shrink on the PC hard disk and play movies from them. MC will probably provide with cool interface for this collection where I can browse through Covers and select the one I want to play. Here I will just need to buy more hard disk if I run out of space.
* There seem to be some other products like DVD Jukebox from TViX. Has anybody tried it. Want to know the picture and sound quality there and how is the GUI.
* Apart from the ideas provided above does anyone have any other ideas. I always prefer DIY projects. I like to keep my costs as low as possible, not exceeding $1000.

I will really appreciate any ideas you can provide.
Thanks in advance for all your ideas.