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    Question Bose 901's and HT Receivers

    I have a pair of Bose 901's series 5 from the 80's. When I last used them in a home theater setup I used a Yamaha receiver to drive the 901's as my front r&l, a separate surround processor and a Yamaha int amp to drive to non Bose speakers as rear surrounds. My question is this. With todays modern equipment, 5.1&7.1 home theater receivers,can I connect the Bose speakers which use their own equalizer along with non Bose speakers and use them at the same time?
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    Your first issue will be implementing that equalizer that the 901's need. In the old days, a tape loop would suffice but nowadays these are glaringly absent in HT receivers. Your only recourase is to insert it between the preamp outputs and the main amp inputs, and not all receivers allow this.

    So, offhand, it doesn't look too good for the 901's.

    What receiver are you looking at? Does it support that pre-out/main-in scenario? If so, you have a fighting vchance.

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