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    Bookshelf Placement: Close at Ear Level vs. Spaced from Ceiling

    Ok new house, new set up. Wife Factor dictates Corner TV placement. I am going to use brackets to mount my bookshelves into the wall, so I can go basically into the window apron (ear level) or the Window Head (around 9'on 10' ceilings) If I go into the apron, the speakers will be around 5-6 feet apart. If I go higher I can go closer to 8' apart. Figure into the equation that I am lazy ass, and don't want to mount and test and remount, so I am looking for suggestions. Anyone? Bueller? The room itself is going to be around 15' wide.


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    Ear level. And before mounting, simply stand the speakers on something at the various levels and distances and see which one is best, then mount them permanently.

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