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    Smile blu tacing digital coaxial cable to screws

    at the moment i have the kimber d60 digital coaxial cable running from my dvd player to the av reciever.
    the cable is 1m lenght and always has a mind of its own, ie it bends out of shape alot. what i have done is blu tacd( blue tac is like a bubble gum consistancy and is used to stick posters to walls etc) the cablke to 2 screws sticking out of the back wall.
    i screwd 2 screws into the back wall and shaped the cable in a horse shoe loop around the 2 screws, then put little bits of blu tac ither side of the cable to stop it moving. My questions is this going to hurt performance or alter with the cable in anyway?
    the way i see it, it is no different to the cable touching the metal frame of an av rack if it was in that sort of set up.??

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    I can't see how you can do any harm, unless your horseshoe loop is tight enough to bend the cable and damage its integrity, which doesn't seem likely since the loop is intended to prevent the cable from bending so much.

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