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    Black bars: burn-in risk on a Plasma?

    I have a new Panasonic TH-42 something or other commercial Plasma display. It has the pixel shifting and all that. My question is whether I should avoid watching programs where black bars are present (which I can do with the "zoom" and ther aspect settings), or do black bars do no burn-in harm on a plasma? I'd prefer to avoid zooming in so much that I lose some of the sides if it won't harm anything to simply have some horizontal black bars above and below the picture.

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    Plasmas and direct view CRTs have the biggest risk of burn in. But if you keep your brightness/contrast levels down, and watch the bulk of your noncritical 4:3 content with a filled screen, the occasional 2.35 or academy content shouldn't do you any harm. Enjoy the Panasonic. It's a winner.


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