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    Best way to hide speaker wire that is run along a wall...

    What is the best product that I can get to hide speaker wires. I need to run speaker wires along the wall in my bedroom to my surround speakers. The room is carpted so I can probably push at least on 18 gauge wire down in the gap between the carpet and the wall, but I would think that there is some nice trim made that is designed specifically for this...also, will 18 guage be suitable for surround speakers?

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    I would run the wire under the carpet, between the tack strip and the wall.
    There is usually enough space there for 16ga and up. After you've run the
    wire, use a small hammer to press the carpet back on the tack strip.
    As a final step, take a spatula (putty knife) or broad knife, and push down
    any pieces of carpet that come in contact with the wall.......vardo

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    Your local lighting store should have some cheap, thin cable raceways...I did my 20 X 24 room for under $50...they're come in various sizes, and I just attached them on top of my baseboard trim and painted them the same color...You don't even notice them, and my new puppy hasn't eaten a wire in weeks.

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