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Thread: Best Remote

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    Best Remote

    I have a need to spend some money. Can't swing the $ 2000 subwoofer I really want,
    so I look around the room at my 4 remotes. I'm thinking theres got to be a better

    I'm looking for a programable remote that will hook up to a pc (usb?) I have
    a TV, Reciever, DVD, VCR, & Dish. Something with a nice touch screen??

    Want to spend around $ 300-$500?

    Any Ideas??
    JVC RXDP-10 Reciever
    7 OutlawAudio M-200 monoblocks
    Infinity IL-60 Mains
    Infinity IL-36c Center
    Infinity IL-50 Surrounds
    Infinity IL-10 Back Surrounds
    SVS PB12-ULTRA/2
    Mitsubishi 65" hdtv
    Douglas theater seating

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    Not sure about hooking up to a PC, but for a good remote that will operate all your components, look at the One-For-All Chameleon. And it won't cost $300.

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    Poke around this site for a bit and I'm sure you'll find one that fits your needs. Remote Central does reviews and has chat forums which you can check out for the, uh...eccentricities(?), that all remotes seem to have. Universal units that are most bandied about are the Phillips Pronto, HT Master, and Sony. I use a Sony and it does more than I'll ever need.

    Be forewarned, while touchscreens are cool to look at and are easiest to customize, they aren't the most tactile or ergonomic. If you like to channel surf, I'd highly recommend a unit like the HT Master. With touchscreens, you almost always have to look at the remote to enter the command. Remotes with regular buttons can be used merely by touch. Something to consider...

    Hope this helps.

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