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    Best inexpensive HDTV Tuner?

    I have a Sony Wega KV-36XBR420 and I'd like to get an HDTV tuner for it to receive free over-the-air HDTV signals.

    What's the best inexpensive HDTV tuner out there?

    Also, when I use the tuner, how do I view the HDTV broadcasts? Do I simply switch video inputs to switch from cable TV to HDTV?

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    You use component video input for the HDTV tuner input. I have the Zenith HDTV box. The UI is not too good but has decent sensitive to pick up the over the air signal. Since LG owns Zenith, I assume LG box has similar performance. I got the Zenith box before I set up a HTPC for DVR (NTSC tuner only) and DVD playing. If I have to do it again, I will go for a HDTV PCI card instead of the box.....

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    CHeap Tuner -Surround

    Was down town (Toronto ) last week
    Koss unit in street eletronics store window Koss system with DVD-Cd- player and speakekrs only a $150.00 canadian .
    Cheapis going to be cheap it will work but for how long as well as quaility of sound !!

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