best HTiB under $600

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  • 06-02-2004, 10:23 AM
    best HTiB under $600
    Hi all
    Not to make this post long, What's the best HTiB system under $600?
    The best i have heard is onkyo HT 767 (6.1 system, 100W per channel, 192Khz DAC, DVD included)

    I know that the best way to go is buying a receiver and 2 or 3 good speakers, and then add the sub and surrounds. But I live in Mexico and it's too hard to find good speakers and the prices are ridiculously high. Really, all i can afford is a HTiB.

    Thanx for yor opinions.
  • 06-02-2004, 10:42 AM
    Unsure of shipping and any duties to Mexico (may be covered under NAFTA), my recommendation would be as follows:

    Fluance AV-HTB - $200 (
    Dayton Audio 10" powered subwoofer - $125
    Yamaha HTR-5730 receiver - $200 (
    Toshiba SD-3960 dvd player - $70

    Again, that is all subject to shipping to Mexico. Shipping to New Mexico, OTOH, would bring your total to around $600 delivered.
  • 06-02-2004, 02:07 PM
    Thanx a lot bryan, for example, Dayton Audio subwoofer shipping cost is 93 USD (USPS). plus i would have to pay an extra 10% of duties, that would be $230 USD the subwoofer alone. partsexpress does ship to mexico, but fluance does not, so i would have to use merkalink or something like that, wich means 17% tax plus shipping. As a general rule, a product sold in US costs extra $100usd only for shipping plus 10% taxes, takes about a month for shipping and when it comes to speakers, you will be buying a speaker that you've never heard. sad story.

    your recommendation is fantastic, i apreciate it a lot, i couldn't make it better. But is out of muy budget.
    when i get older i will buy something good for sure, for now can't afford it.

    lol, are HTiB really that bad?
  • 06-03-2004, 06:55 AM
    Yikes! HTiBs are too bad but they will leave a lot to be desired. For example, you will want to upgrade the subwoofer and speakers almost immediately. I wouldn't go with a dvd/receiver combo. If either the dvd player or receiver goes out on you the whole unit goes in for repair. This leaves you without sound. A separate dvd player and receiver will open up options. For affordability you have two options. One is the DIY route for speakers. You can save money that way and get better quality. However, the downside is if you do not have the tools readily available for you to use. Things such as a router, jig saw, table saw, power drill or drill press, soldering iron, etc. The other route is to buy used gear. Here is where you can save big. You will have to be patient and look around. Yard sales, newspapers, pawn shops, etc. You may come across an excellent deal. But be patient. When in doubt don't buy. Walk away. If it seems too good to be true that probably is the case.