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    Best Demo DVD movie

    So some friends are over for a visit and want a sample of what your home theater can do. What DVD movie do you play to highlight the audio and video?

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    The Matrix lobby scene, Star wars Ep.1 pod race, the beginning of Saving Private Ryan.

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    For audio, try the opera scene in the Fifth Element. Pretty amazing on a good 5.1 system. For a good battle scene, how about the opening scene in Gladiator? They always use that at Tweeter to showcase their speakers. A good concert DVD is Pink Floyd's Pulse. The final encore is pretty intense. Just some suggestions...

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    I have two that I've used for years:

    Toy Story 2
    IMAX Nascar Experience

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    Opening bank robbery scene of SWAT; Explosions, choose one, on Italian Job; T-Rex Jurassic Park; car chase Bourne Supremacy; Day of Days jump Band of Brothers; a good fire-fight on Black Hawk Down; Rush30 has some of the best surround music mix I've heard; any action sequence from Spiderman 2.

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    The opera scene in fifth element is a great to show sound system, any of the battle scenes from lord of the rings, the opening space battle in star wars episode 2, and the end of the matrix.
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    For audio, Master and Commander is easily my first choice (along with the superb low bass effects when called on, it makes tremendous use of the surround speakers to make you feel you are on the ship too). For video there are many, but any of the new StarWars films should suffice.

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    5th Element
    Polar Express
    Star Wars ep1
    Jurasac Park III
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    "Phantom of the Opersa"does a pretty good job of showcasing out HT. Just play the first ten minutes or so and, dollars to donuts, they will want to finish the movie,

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    A very good music dvd is "Chicago and Earth Wind & Fire live at
    the Greek Theater" (DTS).

    For movie DVD "Tombstone" and "Ice Age" are pretty

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    STAR TREK NEMESIS 2-disc DTS edition (got a 5+ from widescreen review and I agree)
    MASTER AND COMMANDER DTS (one of the best out there!)
    AKIRA DTS Edition (great anime sound design and execution)
    TOY STORY and TOY STORY 2 DTS editions (incredibly playful)
    IMAX: SUPER SPEEDWAY DTS edition (phenominal picture and sound design)
    BLADE II (all over the place with sound design)
    HOLLOW MAN Superbit Edition (great music)
    BLACKHAWK DOWN Superbit Edition (incredible sound design)
    SPIDER-MAN 2 Superbit Edition (awesome fullness)
    KILL BILL VOL 1 or 2 (superb directional effects)

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    I have used The Incredibles for movie demos. Watch the volume knob though, an average sub will choke alot. I recommend the plane rescue mission scene.

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