• 03-11-2006, 06:06 PM
    Bang for the buck - finally
    after months of fighting complications & budget, I've come up w/ a GREAT HT system for the money & space.......
    Dilema #1: Significant other
    Dilema #2: Room Size/Layout
    Dilema #3: Budget (see dilema #1 - lol)
    I live in a townhouse with a living area approx 12x21. Wish I could include a diagram, but that would be much too complicated. Viewing/main listening area (sweet spot) is actually about 12x14 w/ "cathedral" ceiling adjoining a loft & sitting area (entrance to home).
    I could go into much more detail, but finished concrete floors, opening to dining room, windows, well, you get the picture.....
    System: Pioneer VSX-815 , HSU Ventriloquist & STF-2 sub, Panasonic DVD 87-FS, Toshiba 34HFX84, Paradigm Titans

    Why it works: With only approx 6.5" viewing distance from my recliner, the 34" CRT is
    almost perfect. After my girlfriend "sprang" for a new sectional furniture system over the holidays & I convinced her a "larger" (than 27") tv would do wonders for "our viewing pleasure" - she let me put plans in action.

    Trust me, someday, there will be a dedicated HT room, my restaurant just needs to make more money - LOL - so I can buy our dream home (or at least mine)

    With a friend working at Best Buy, I was able to assemble this system for :
    Pioneer Rcvr - $213, Toshiba TV - $649, Panasonic DVD - $89....HSU Direct Sales - $500, Paradigms (I've had for 3 yrs) - $170
    For less than $1200 - I've had SEVERAL people tell me hard to beat my set-up.
    The Paradigms are for music only of course, and there is never any "critical" listening - even though they do measure pretty well in that case. the Pioneer, with it's MACC does WONDERS in my situation - and the HSU system, well, the name says it all.
    Nothing overstated, asthetically pleasing (to my GF) - NOTHING will beat this set-up, dollar for dollar, in these conditions.......
  • 03-12-2006, 07:40 AM
    I too have the Paradigm Titans as my fronts and Atoms for surrounds matched with a Klipsch 10" sub and center. They work great with my inexpensive Sony DE697 receiver and basic Pioneer DVD player. All go to making my basic 42" Mitsubishi TV a very nice but relatively inexpensive home theater system.
    My Atoms cost $200/Titans $220, receiver $200, dvd player $100 four years ago, sub around $300 and center around $150ish, tv $1600.
    I too am not a critical listener but do enjoy good sound and video but on a "working class" budget.
    I have built this system over 2 years and am basically done.

    Good luck and enjoy your system.
  • 03-12-2006, 10:01 AM
    Eric Z
    sounds like you got yourself a good deal there- enjoy!!
  • 03-12-2006, 10:29 AM
    Sounds like you put together a system you like on budget you can afford without making comprises. I second your choice on the Pioneer. While killing time at an airport lay over I picked up a copy of Sound&Vision and the 815 made the Editors Picks for 2005.

    Have fun!
  • 03-15-2006, 06:59 PM
    69 camaro SS
    I also think you made a good choice on the reciever. I purchased it myself about a month ago. I really love it. Compared to my ancient yamaha, Night and day difference. Good Luck