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    Av receiver upgrade

    Well the old Yamaha RX-V2092 is giving up the ghost. I want to replace it with either the Yamaha RX-V2700 or the Pioneer Elite VSX-84TXSi . I will be getting a 1080p flat screen in the future. They both are about $1000. Pros or cons??

    Help me out.


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    Hi; I was with with my brother in some stores before the xmas holidays We were only able to hear the recievers I will mention in stereo. He had a few years back theYamaha 2095, the receiver made after yours. I thought that played well. So I would imagine that your 2092 which seemed similar but laced DTS would have played well too. Listening to the 2700 against the Pioneer Elites 80, 81 and 82, simply put, the Pioneers sounded fantastic and the Yamaha sounded like a dud. The 81 and 82 sound similar and better than the 80. I would expect the 84 to sound as good. There is two things that I would do however before buying anything. First, I think there were reports on one or more of these Elite receivers performed. I would try on the net, and I know one or perhaps more of these reports had issues with the video section of the receivers. That might be a problem. The second thing is try to get a demonstration in a store of the units you are considering. If you buy any one, make sure you have a return policy. Perhaps you should get the tv first. The reason why I say this is to have that set working in the house before you get a receiver. If you were having plans to use the video connections of the receiver particulaly the HDMI connections, you want that tv set there first so when you buy a receiver and use those connections, you can check to see if they work properly.

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