• 11-26-2003, 09:10 AM
    Any experience with In-Wall Subwoofers?
    We're building a new home and due to spousal constraints I am using all in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, building in an equipment rack in the master closet with IR repeaters, so that all of the HT and whole house equipment will be hidden. My original intention with the sub was to build a cubbyhole in the front wall for an M&K 350 sub, but that may not sit well with the wife...she doesn't want the sub out in the open and I'm not sure I can sell her on a cloth-covered cubbyhole system either. Does anyone have any experience with in-wall subs? I doubt they would produce results anywhere near an M&K, but who knows, maybe there's one out there that is decent.....anyone?

    The room is about 20 by 30 and if I went with in-walls, I would probably use 2 in the front walls, down low (below the plasma screen, with LCR mounted about 7 feet up).

  • 11-26-2003, 01:43 PM
    This Guy
    i have a suggestion
    If the MK sub absolutely can't be seen, you will probably have to sell it and make an IB subwoofer (Infinite baffle). You could buy two Dayton subwoofers and put them in a box facing eachother, so that their motor structures are OUT of the box and it will lead into an opening into a room. This will give you very good bass all the way down to around it's resonant frequency. You could also buy that 500 watt subwoofer amp partsexpress is selling to power them. Go to some DIY boards and they could help you out a bit and tell you exactly what drivers to get along with box parameters. Personally, I think your wife is being very unfair in not letting you have a single speaker out in the open, it's your house, too.

    here's a good DIY forum, ask them about IB's there and tell them your room size and budget.

  • 11-26-2003, 07:41 PM
    This Guy
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