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    Advice on used A/V pre-amps?

    I'm slowly re-building a home theater. My amplification is about the only thing set -- a B&K TX4430 (200w x 3) for the fronts, and a B&K EX442 (200w x 2) for the rears.

    Now I need a DTS pre-amp, and I don't feel any need for 7.1 (or should I?). I'd like to try to stay around $500 or under, hence going used. I haven't made any firm decisions in the speakers I'll be driving, a project for another day. This is a home theater system only -- no music listening. I'm re-building because I'd broken up my rig long ago for a dedicated 2-channel high end system for another room.

    Is my $500 price point enough for a used a/v pre-amp? What are some key features I should look for? Brands and models?


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    I doubt it's enough for a dedicated pre-amp, but a cheap receiver with pre=outs can easily be attained. Pioneer has a few receivers with pre-outs and can do all the surround modes. You could get one for like $300, no reason to spend more if you're not going to be using it's amplification.

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