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    65" Mitsubishi 1080p or Sony 60" SXRD??

    I've owned 60" Sony LCD's in the past. Looking for a new 1080p unit.
    How do the Mitsubishi's 1080p DLP's rate to the SXRD's?

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    My advice is to go with the Mitsu. I just got rid of my 47'' Sammy for the WD65733. I have never seen my HD setup look so good. Directv, X360 and the PS3 looks breathtaking. Blu Rays wow thats about all i can say. My buddies SXRD has been replaced three times i think for smearing problems. I have had my Mitsu for around 2 months and i have 0 complaints.
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    I've got a Mitsubishi WD-57732 and I echo PaDave's sentiments. I had D*TV, but I've got FIOS now and the picture is astonishing. Of course I come from a Panasonic 27" CRTv so it doesn't take much to amuse me.

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    SXRD IS BETTER , but Sony is getting out of rptv, including sxrd.
    Lcos, which is what an sxrd is, is really your best bet.
    A lot think I DONT LIKE dlp, i THINK ITS RATHER RUBE GOLDBERG, but some
    might like it, I do know that the pic on the Mitshu is great.
    I also know that in five years you're gonna walk into a store, look at a OLED
    flat (really flat! .17in"!) screen and regret all of the cash you spent.
    Go to Walmart, get a 50" RCA DLP, the pic is probably just about as good and you wont regret the 998$ price tag when you put it on the street.
    Heck, I was thinking about one
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