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    2012 Flagship TV Faceoff which evaluate TVs in detail, recently did a battle of flagship LCD and Plasma from Samsung, Vizio, Sharp,Toshiba, Panasonic, LG and Sony to see which one get crowned king of TVs. They ran them thru various tests including picture quality, contrast, and motion performance, as well as design, smart features, and 3D performance.

    And here is how each TV ranked in terms of performance:

    #1. Samsung PN51E8000 ($2,199): This plasma is King of the Flagships for 2012. It made the grade as a top pick or honorable mention in the areas of color, contrast, smart platform, special features, and 3D quality.

    #2. Panasonic TC-P65VT50 ($3,699): This plasma is truly an excellent TV, and finishes in a close second place on our list. Its only real drawbacks are its less-than-stellar 3D. Additionally, Panasonicís smart platform just isnít as polished as above Samsungí.

    #3. Samsung UN55ES8000 ($3,749):Samsungís LED flagship is just as good as the E8000 plasma in the areas of 3D, special features, and smart platform, but its color, contrast, and motion werenít of the same high quality.

    #4. Sharp Elite PRO-60X5FD ($5,999): Its huge price tag doesnít buy winning performance in almost all our key areas. The Elite might make your neighbors jealous, but there are better or at least similar-quality HDTVs out there that donít cost $5,999.

    #5. Sony Bravia XBR-46HX929 ($2,500): Sonyís flagship LED is a holdover from 2011, 2012ís flagships make the XBR929 look boring by comparison. Its stunted smart platform, older 3D, and lack of special features put it at a disadvantage, though the picture quality is still great.

    #6. Toshiba 47L7200U ($1,899): Toshibaís flagship features solid color, contrast, and motion performance at a fantastic price. Unfortunately, its smart, 3D, and feature presentations just felt very lackluster compared to more spruced-up flagships.

    #7. LG 55LM9600 ($2,999): LGís flagship is a very solid LED HDTV. Itís got a wonderful smart platform, great (and cheap) 3D, and makes use of the highly intuitive Magic Remote. However, its color and contrast scores just werenít enough to stand out in this showdown.

    #8. VIZIO XVT3D580CM ($2, 799): The CinemaWide LED may be king of 3D, but that is where its reign ends. The CinemaWide simply doesnít have the color, contrast, or motion performance to make first place, and its smart platform is quite undeveloped.

    More detail info:

    2012 Flagship TV Showdown -
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    Hey Smoke, it looks like you have the same TV's in first and third posision. The rankings should make Topspeed happy as he just bought a Samsung UN55ES8000 I believe.

    I was just at my brother-in-laws in Orlando and he has a 55 inch Samsung LED and the picture was excellent and I asked him if he set it up and he said no the store where he bought it sent out a tech and he spent like an hour adjusting it. Now that's a nice touch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack in Wilmington View Post
    Hey Smoke, it looks like you have the same TV's in first and third posision.
    Thanks for correction as I noticed the same thing when posting this thread. It seem to be misprint in the original site too.

    I searched their 2012 database reviews, and flagship Samsung plasma they tested is PN51E8000 which recieved a perfect 10 score in performance. So I am assuming that is the Tv that recieved top honors. Also made correction to my post also

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