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    2006 CES in Las Vegas....interested?

    The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Vegas is the place to be for all the latest in electronics and HT. I have to be there each year to sign new contracts with my vendors and make "beginning of the year" orders. It is something a look forward to each year. Anybody else going? I thought it might be nice for some of us to meet there and check-out some of the new gear and have dinner together. Would be nice for us to get to meet in person, and what better place than Las Vegas, and what better event than the biggest electronics event of the year....CES? Right up our

    Anybody else attending?
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    If i could I would, but I can't....enjoy the show & the equipment.
    Have a good day.....Sez' Pat
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    I'm there dude, actually I've got to get my tickets!!

    I'll be busy but time permitting i'll be happy to something with any AR regulars in attendance.

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    January sucks.

    Every year, I run into the same conundrum of what do I go to?

    1) Whatever bowl game my Trojans are in (thankfully, it's usually the National Championship Game )
    2) The LA Auto Show or the North American Int'l Auto Show in Detroit
    3) A week long business trip to Palm Springs or San Diego
    4) The CES
    5) Make money somewhere in all this!


    Thankfully, the LA show is being moved to November after this January, but that still leaves the NAIAS. Alas, no CES for this guy.

    So many things to do, so little time...

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    I registared. I'm just waiting to see if I can get the vacation days now.
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