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    2 Hdmi vs 1 Hdmi

    I just noticed that a new Samsung model # S5679W 1080p which will replace a color wheel with a Led light source will only have 1 Hdmi input instead of 2. Wouldn't it make since to only buy a television that has atleast 2 Hdmi inputs. Also do they make a receiver yet that has 1080p inputs and outputs.

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    Hello - I would choose the TV model with 2 HDMI inputs as you'll most definately need them both for your HD Digital Box and Upconverting DVD Player today, and perhaps your receiver, HD-DVD, PS3 or Blu-Ray tomorrow.

    As for receivers, the Denon AVR-2807 and AVR-3806 both support 1080p HDMI switching.

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    It just depends on how much it costs to get a second HDMI socket and what other devices you have to connect. It could be more flexible and cost effective to just buy a switchbox. A sat\cable video receiver, DVD player, and an HD player can quickly justify the latter. A playstation or XBOX of the future may just compound the need for more inputs.

    Just food for thought.

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    Also, keep in mind that many HDMI switching receivers will not work properly yet, since certain sources, like cable boxes, do not permit an HDMI signal to be repeated--that is, they will not allow their signal to pass through a switching receiver to the target display. They work as only point-to-point devices.

    Another problem is that many displays with two HDMI inputs will not allow switching from one to the other without a complete reset. In other words, you have to turn these displays off and restart before accessing the second HDMI input.

    A little, or a lot, of research would be necessary to get a list of affected components. I've had an HDMI switching product from Rotel in my system for a while, and I still don't know all of its limitations yet. I may never. I also have a DVI switch from Gefen that exhibits a few quirks when an unconverting DVD player is connected to it via HDMI>DVI cable.

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