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Thread: 1st post !! :)

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    1st post !! :)

    1st of all I wanted to say hi to everyone and I look forward to reading the upcoming posts to mine and others in the forum and look forward to learning as well as contributing here.

    So... with that in mind my question is this.... I was looking to get a new DVD player as I bought a new Sony grand wega 50" KFE HDTV. As a DVD player I currently have a toshiba prgressive scan SD - 2700 (old one maybe 5 or 6 years old) and was wondering if I bought a upconverting DVD player and hooked it up with a HDMI cable would the picture quality be better than what I have right now.

    These are the ones I'm loking at so far the Lg is at the TOP of the list from reviews I've read but my main question is will the picture be noticable better than what I have now.

    Thanks in advance

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    Firstly i welcome you to this very diverse and great forum, where we have jokers like G.M., Die Hard Fans of NON-BOX speakers that will argue over 2 pages with you (that would be me), British Analog friends like Bernd, Politicly correct planar fans like E-Stat, Joe and others with a B&W touch from Topspeed and Wooch with his never ending Paradigm love story... and many more....

    Welcome to the Audioreview show !! :-)

    Secondly, you should talk to Woochiefer about your question, he is knowledagble on the whole Surround sound thingy.... :-)
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    I personally have been fairly happy with my Samsung, which has HDMI and I also have HD going through the component cables to my TV, which is a 30" Toshiba HDTV. The Samsung is pretty inexpensive (around $130) and it also does DVD-A and SACD. However, I have my eyes on the Pioneer Elite models that also do the same thing, but are a higher end player altogether. The only difference though is (and this probably won't matter in your situation), but my Samsung has a built in converter for PAL to NTSC and is one of the better ones available for the price. If you want to ask more questions feel free!

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    I guess my biggest question is will I see a difference from my older Toshiba DVD player to a new upconverting DVD player. If I not then I will keep what I've got but if there is a difference then I will go out and buy myself an upconverting player.

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    One of the members of this forum directed me to this website (it takes a few moments to load):

    Based on the info on this site and other reviews i decided to buy the Panasonic S 77. It comes with an HDMI cable, which saves you a few bucks. I've noticed an improvement in SD picture quality over my old JVC N 44, since my TV is an old CRT i haven't been able to take advantage of the upconverting feature. Perhaps you could buy this player and a couple of the others and take advantage of the return policies. Since the Panny has the HDMI cable included you could use it for say the LG or Samsung and do a comparison. If there is no noticeable improvement to you, you can take them back and keep what you got. Good luck.


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    The upconverting can supposedly smooth out the picture on a fixed pixel HDTV. Best thing to do is to buy an upconverting DVD player and try it out for yourself. Waymer's Panasonic suggestion is excellent because it already includes the HDMI cable, and the Pannys are known for how well they perform on benchmark tests. Just make sure to purchase it from a store that allows returns.
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    Great idea about being able to return it never even thought of that... I will pick up the LG and the Panny in the next few days when I have the time to sit down and be judgemental

    Cheers !!


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