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    Lakeland, inbetween Tampa and Orlando, Florida
    Wow, Melvin...wonder how far up the audiophile ranking you'd go with all your vintage gear! Welcome aboard.
    ~ Jim Tidwell ~

    "Uh, jazz flute is for little fairy boys." - Veronica Corningstone

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    Quote Originally Posted by pixelthis
    YES we should all meet there, and we should all be well armed, and with a BIG truck.
    I have DIBS on the utopia grands , the watt puppies, and anything with mark levinson
    stamped on it
    I'll take the Guy R. Fountaine Autographs Corner cabinets with Tannoy reds. They are in the first photgraph. Those are very rare and very expensive. I've heard another form of GRF cabinets with the reds and they sound awesome, especially for voice.

    By the way, I don;t get some of the jealous comments that followed the article. Some people need to get a life...

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    Quote Originally Posted by melvin walker
    I am new on this forum. I have a pair of James Lansing Hartsfields , Marantz 7c pre-amp , 10b tuner , McIntosh Mc275 power amp , Transcripter TT , with an SME arm , a Shure cartridge V15 , a Revox A77 tape deck Sony C701ES changer.

    My second system , a pair of AR3A speakers , Marantz 3800 pre-amp , 150 tuner , Dynaco 400 power amp, Pioneer CTF900 cassette , phillips cd recorder., Sony CX333ES
    CD changer, Thorens TD125 TT. , Shure V1511.

    Third system , Marantz 3800 pre-amp , Marantz Model 15 power -amp , toshiba DVD recorder , Sony television.

    Fourth system, One pair AR4AX speakers , Panasonic SAXR25 receiver , sony XAES CD
    player , Toshiba 5 disc dvd player , Go Video 2 deck VCR. Sony television.

    I have been involved in audio since 1958. have had a number of other audio components,
    Stephens, Bozaks , Fisher , Pilot , Empire, etc.
    Look forward to discussing audio with all of you.

    Very very nice system Melvin. Your system is almost the same as my friends. He has three pairs of Hartsfields and 4 Marantz 7cs. He also has two 8bs with gold Lion tubes. Also the Mc 275, 240, 225 and 60. I've had the pleasure to listen to his system on many occasions and my question as to why he would collect several of the same thing was answered. Each of the Hartsfields sound slightly different although all sound fantastic, and same goes for the 7cs. Much respect to you, I know your system sounds great because I've heard one just like it...

    By the way, have you heard the Jensen Imperials?

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    Very nice MW!
    Pass Labs X250 amp, BAT Vk-51se Preamp,
    Thorens TD-145 TT, Bellari phono preamp, Nagaoka MP-200 Cartridge
    Magnepan QR1.6 speakers
    Luxman DA-06 DAC
    Van Alstine Ultra Plus Hybrid Tube DAC
    Dual Martin Logan Original Dynamo Subs
    Parasound A21 amp
    Vintage Luxman T-110 tuner
    Magnepan MMG's, Grant Fidelity DAC-11, Class D CDA254 amp
    Monitor Audio S1 speakers, PSB B6 speakers
    Vintage Technic's Integrated amp
    Music Hall 25.2 CDP
    Adcom GFR 700 AVR
    Cables- Cardas, Silnote, BJC
    Velodyne CHT 8 sub

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