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    Wire diagram for Onkyo TX-SV828THX Decoder cable

    Could anyone help with the wire diagram for the Onkyo decoder cable to the Technics SH-AC500D processor.
    I want to use the 828 for sound only using two speakers, sattelite sound, cd, ipod. Will the Technics give me a better sound overall or is using the 828 alone sufficient?
    Thanks for you help.

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    Welcome to the forum ;o)

    what is the rest of your system?
    I am not familar with the listed components, but simple is often better... not sure I would want to run the preout of one receiver into another receiver... sounds like lots of places to muddy the music...

    if you want to have an external amp, thats a different story...

    then again, since I don't know this equipment, I may be way

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