• 12-26-2006, 02:42 PM
    Jimmy C
    Well... any audio-related gifts this year?
    And, yeah... it will count if you purchased it for yourself B^)

    My bedroom stereo has been a revolving door for speakers as of late. No, I'm not obsessing, it's just fun! A friend of mine gave me a pair of old Boston Acoustics A100s which were in serious need of new woofers, or at least the surrounds. If I wanted to hear exactly what they should sound like, I would need to purchase originals directly from the company. Not too bad, both were $120. Bill actually had one woofer replaced 10 years ago, but the audio shop put in a series III, these are II.

    At any rate, they sound pretty good. Not fatigueing at all, and a fullness that a lot of stand-mounts can't muster. They're not the last word in transparency or resolution, but I knew that going in.

    I'm sure they would benefit from an 8 or 10 inch boost. If I like/keep them, I might spring for stands. If anyone has a cheap source, I'm all ears.

    Anyway, that was my fun. You?