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  • 08-21-2004, 09:12 AM
    The Votes are in
    The biggest interest for Audio Review Denizens was clearly in the rather technical "Speaker Cable Faceoff" in the how-to section.

    Now this did get scrambled here, but it is easy to read in EXCEL, the inqusitive person's friend.
    But to clarify:
    Speaker Cable Face Off
    posted by: Chris

    Got 7,430 views out of a total of 19,786 views for all articles.
    Or 37.6% of the total number of views for all articles.
    So a majority of Audio Review Denizens clearly seem interested in technical answers.

    Of course, this is not a democracy but a commercial (money making, they hope) web site, so attention should be given to the revenues coming from advertisers because advertisers make this all possible. Therefore, it is best that technical challenges be relegated to a 'Lab getto' that most newbies will be reluctant to enter simply because it is human nature to avoid the potentially embarassing situations suggested by the rather intimidating description given to the "Lab" section. Heck, I find the description intimidating, and I am considered quite knowlegeable about things electrical as well as mechanical.

    Have fun, everyone.

    Number Sigmas Percent of Articles:

    of from Total
    288 -0.70 1.5% Size Matters
    posted by: diy theatre
    399 -0.66 2.0% How to refoam speakers.
    posted by: piece-it pete
    564 -0.60 2.9% Figuring What Screen Size to Buy.
    posted by: Smokey
    1,216 -0.36 6.1% Selecting Speakers
    posted by: Swerd
    427 -0.65 2.2% Bit Rate Resolution and Sampling Rate for Dummies
    posted by: gypsyhick
    382 -0.67 1.9% cleaning up old vinyls
    posted by: allanh
    7,430 1.92 37.6% Speaker Cable Face Off
    posted by: Chris
    5,991 1.39 30.3% Cable Budget Guide
    posted by: Chris
    3,089 0.33 15.6% Look what i found!
    ................................................po sted by: PeteintheUk
    2,198 Average
    2,727 Standard Deviation
    19,786 Total
  • 08-23-2004, 03:03 AM
    That's one take on it. Another would be that so many people viewed the article because they thought it was going to be a listening comparison, which it is not.