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Thread: Test Recording:

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    Test Recording:

    Would like to submit a keyboard piece I composed and performed... It is in MP3 format, so I would not take up too much bandwidth, but I could do it in CD, or even HDCD, but the music files get pretty large that way...

    Here is the link:

    If you just want to play it outright, you'll see an 'MP3' arrow... Just click on that, and it will play... Headphones are the best, but computer speakers OK... If you'd prefer, you can save it as a file, and burn it to a CD, then play on your audio system...

    Let me know what you think... (m.) ps: OK for general distribution...

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    I enjoyed your song very much. Sweet and mellow. Interesting chord progressions.

    I imagined Mark Egan and his fretless bass playing along with it. That kind of style.

    Keep on playing.
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    Very Nice!

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    Very nice sound....... came in great throught my computer speakers.

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