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    Technics SA-AX530 vs. H-K AVR130

    Is there a significant diference in sound quality among these
    two A/V receivers.

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    i dont know anything about the technics so i wont act like i do, but i have the HK AVR130, and i cant imagine that you can beat it for the money. make sure to look at the ebay bids from the harman audio store, they usually go for around $150-$170. If you'd rather not bid or if you want to buy it right away, you can get it for $197 here:

    don't worry about the 'remanufactured' label. All of my remanufactured equipment from HK has been like-new.

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    I agree with Bjorn's idea of looking up Harman in eBay. I've had very good experiences with Harman's refurbished Infinity speakers. And their service department is as professional as they come - which is a big plus because I had to return a subwoofer that weight over 40 lbs. I think the HK is also a better quality build than Technics. Definitely a better brand and is likely to have better sound quality, although without all the bogus bells & whistles that you don't need. Don't know if the HK is a "high current" model, but if it is, you will be pleased.
    Good luck,

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    it indeed is a high current model +-25 amps

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    Don't put too much faith into the "high-current" marketing that some of these amp manufacturers feed us. It is extremely unlikely the H/K receivers would exceed 10 amps or so in their real operation.

    That said, with all respect to Technics, H/K is just a whole other beast altogether...I'd feel much more comfortable recommending H/K over Technics.

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