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    Sunfire MK IV True Subwoofer Value??

    I am so sorry if this is a strange request but I really didn't know where else to find people who would adequately be able to help with an answer for this.

    My father recently passed away and I am in the process of trying to sell and find second lives for a lot of his things. One of the items is a

    Sunfire MK IV True Subwoofer

    It is in great working condition. I know this is a high quality sub, but have no idea how to price it to sell. I have seen various prices from $200-$800 for this, and was hoping someone would be able to give me a realistic figure I could list it at. Thanks for the help! Sunfire MK IV True Subwoofer Value??-2.jpgSunfire MK IV True Subwoofer Value??-3.jpgSunfire MK IV True Subwoofer Value??-5.jpg

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    I am personally not sure, you might check to see if any are for sale there to see what they go for. If you have other components it could be worth a short subscribe to their Bluebook which would give you the value and what that item sold for on the site high/low price.

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    I have the same sub in my HT. Fantastic for sound effects but sad to say I don't find it very musical. Don't know when yours was made but I've had mine for 7 or 8 years and it was used.

    Mine was a gift from my son-in-law who works in the HT industry. It was expensive when new but I doubt it would bring that much on Craig's List. I'm thinking of selling mine and wouldn't expect more that a couple of hundred. If you're successful in getting more please let me know.

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