I have a Sony CDP-CX455 multidisc cd changer that is about 10 years old. The tray stopped turning and I found that the belt that turns the tray was stretched out and had fallen off. I ordered a new set of belts from E-bay and replaced the 2 belts, but after doing so the cd tray keeps turning and will not come to rest at the requested cd slot. It appears that the tray needs to be synced in some way. I've tried a number of different things to line the tray up properly without any success. I've searched the internet and YouTube to see if there was anything that covered this to no avail. I hunted up the Service Manual, but it was very technical and although I looked at it thoroughly did not find any particular procedure that shows how to do this. Anybody know what I could do. I've already purchased a replacement from E-bay that works just fine, but I had spent many hours programming the artists and CD titles into my old player and although I had a list by number of the CD's and I was able to load them in the same sequence in the new player I would still like to get the old player running as I have no idea what shape the belts are in the newly purchased player and don't want to go through the same things again.

Need help please!!!