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    Solid state mp3 players

    Hey people,

    I've been doing lots of research of lately into solid state mp3 players; main purpose for the player is to use it while I’m bike riding/exercising and travelling to/from work.

    Due to where I live (Australia, Victoria), I am finding that we seem to have a limited range of mp3 players to choose from in this country. However I have found a store local to me that sells the Creative MuVo TX FM 1gig for $20 less than the iPod Shuffle 1gig.

    The problem I'm having is none of the stores I've been to so far will allow you to demo the player, even had one store person state occupational health and safety reasons.

    Anyway, my question is, if I were using a decent set of headphones, such as the sony MDRE888LP, would I notice a difference in sound quality between the 2 players and which one would sound better?

    Does anyone have an experience testing these two particular players?

    Thanks in advance

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    No experience with the players you mention..

    but Creative pays a lot of attention to sound quality. It would be safe to say that the Creative player is a very safe bet.

    Does anyone have an experience testing these two particular players?

    Thanks in advance[/QUOTE]

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