• 05-18-2009, 07:30 PM
    So I'm looking for some advice...
    Hey everyone, new to the site :smilewinkgrin:

    I'm looking for a relatively good sounding setup (turntable, amp, receiver, and speakers...am I missing anything?) for about $1500 Canadian. Is this even possible? I'm moving away from home and I'd love to have my own equipment to listen to my records on, but I'm thinking that it wouldn't even be worth purchasing anything since I wouldn't be able to get any good quality equipment with such a small budget.

    If anyone has any suggestions or thoughts feel free to post!
  • 05-18-2009, 08:49 PM
    JoeE SP9
    Welcome aboard. I hope I or one of the other folks here can help you.

    If you get a receiver you won't need an amp.
    I have no experience with receivers as I've never had one. Therefore I can't give any advice in that area.

    For a TT I would look at a Music Hall. (www.needledoctor.com) They're reasonably priced with excellent performance. They are easy to set up and a cartricddge is included.

    In order to give a speaker recommendation you need to give more detail. However, if you're not a headbanger or bass freak you could try Magnaplanar MMG's. They're about $600 a pair new. If you don't like them Magnaplanar will take them back and refund your money.

    That would leave you around $500 for a receiver. Or you could buy an Oppo universal CD/DVD/SACD player and still have $300 for a receiver. You would then have a player for silver disks, and a player for vinyl. Just make sure the receiver you select has a phono input.
  • 05-19-2009, 11:12 AM
    Harmon Kardon 2ch receiver HK 3390 or 3490 These have bass management and phono preamps with plenty of high current power

    PSB B-25 or T-55 speakers, Magnepan MMG's as mentioned, Energy speakers.

    Pro-Ject Debut III TT, Rega P-1, Rega P-2 TT or Music Hall 2.1, Music Hall 5.1

    Oppo 980 universal DVD/CD player. www.oppodigital.com this is a great budget CD player that excels at SACD, CD and DVD. And compares to CD players costing a few hundred more.