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    Single DVD Player vs DVD Changer?

    I cannot make up my mind between buying the Marantz DV-6400 (single player) or the new Onkyo DV-CP802 (dvd changer)!!!

    Any help deciding between the two of them???

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    In general, I prefer single disc. Less things to go wrong.

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    I'd agree with that, I have never had a time when I absolutely needed to have 5 discs in a dvd player. it doesn't take that long to switch a cd. If its that important to bebaly to play many songs just make sure the player supports mp3's and burn your own mix. Quality wont be as good obviously but you can always put the the real disc in when your looking for the best music

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    Generally, I would agree with the recommendations to go with a single disc player; however, I have the Pioneer Elite DV-C36 changer that I have grown fond of for its convenience, especially when I know I want to watch a movie but I'm not exactly sure which one. Switching dvds from an inclined position on the sofa is a breeze. My home theater is not hot-rodded. It's simply a 2 channel system with a subwoofer and an older Sony tv. All I need from this system is something that can handle the basics - no progressive scan (I use S-video). The changer is used mostly for movies and the occasional cd. For my set-up, this changer is perfect. In other words, if I had needed good progressive scan capabilities and other features (and if this system was used more for music) I would have gone with a single-disc player for around the same price, but I decided to put convenience first and got the Pioneer for $275. Some questions: Is the player going to be your primary source for music and movies (is it going to be used all the time)? If yes, then I would give the nod to the Marantz. I knew my changer would see light duty mostly on weekends so the durability factor was not as big as the convenience factor. After that, the biggest questions have to do with features/performance - will the Marantz or Onkyo grow with your system as you upgrade. If you don't use progressive scan now, will you need it in the future and if so which model performs best? Will the player handle all the formats you might throw at it - cdr/rw, dvdr/rw, mp3, sacd, dvda, etc.? If it's your primary source for music, which sounds best with cds? Answers to these questions may help you decide. You might want to go to a website like and compare features - they carry Marantz and Onkyo and their descriptions are pretty thorough. They have good pictures too.

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    I forgot to mention that my system is for 100% music listening, so I don't even have a TV connected...

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    The Onkyo was not out when I got my 6400, if it were I probably would have gotten it because I really do prefer a changer.

    BUT, I love the Marantz and I'm 100% happy with it. I can still send it back if I want to get a refund and buy the Onkyo elsewhere ( does not sell the Onkyo changer) but I'm going to keep the Marantz as I got it mainly for use with music since I have a 300 disc changer for DVD's.

    For a single disc player, the Marantz was by far the best I heard, of course I didn't bother to listen to any of the players over $1000 since I wouldn't buy one anyway

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