• 04-26-2009, 05:50 AM
    SHM-CD (Super High Material CD) and Blu-spec CD
    Seriously, do we need yet more CD formats to confuse the consumer even more, to
    flood the markets, and to eventually fail due to poor marketing ?

    The reason I say the "poor marketing" is because you can be rest-assured the majority
    of the CDs I have seen released to date on these new formats are of the "classical
    genre" - hmmm I see a pattern forming from SA-CD...

    Glad to burst the bubble or both these formats, they simply will not take off mainly for
    two reasons :

    1. Large proportion of the releases will be on the Classical genre.
    2. The price is more expensive than SA-CD

    Now for reason 1, it matters not how many titles you release, simply not everyone is
    interested in classical, or pre-70's music. Many pepople do enjoy a good variety, which
    is what these new formats so far do not offer.

    For reason 2, would you pay $35 to $45 US (each) for them ?

    Apparently SHM-CD can be played on standard CD players, it won't be enough to hook
    someone into getting a collection if they have to pay so much.

    What's even more stupid is that many releases of these formats are "limited to 5000 copies
    only". Perhaps I'm missing the point, maybe one's not supposed to get a collection of these
    formatted recordings.

    Not everyone enjoys Jazz, Classical, or Pre-70's music, I don't know these music
    companies have absolute quesitonable marketing people. They don't have the brains
    to release albums that are huge sellers ?

    Not all best recorded material is on the Classical/Jazz genres. I am a fan of both, but
    my music collection does span beyond both, and I'm sure a good proportion of others
    are as well.

    If Universal, Sony and other record companies simply released superior recordings on
    their CDs, DVDs, SA-CDs, they would generate more sales. Tripling the price will simply
    encourage more people to download music off iTune (or similar) stores. You're asking
    us to pay between 3 to 5 dollars per song. I'm sure 2 or 3 of those CDs would easily
    pay for a simple cable upgrade for the consumer.