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    Scam Alert - AR Classifieds

    I have a pair of Castle Richmond Speakers for sale on AR classifieds. I've been negotiating with (buyer) for a week. Got a legit
    mailing address, basically demanded a US Postal MO in the exact amount of $269, told him I'd have it checked by postal inspectors, anything else returned or torn up! Goofed around with this for a week. I finally get the Buy Email: "my client made a mistake and made the money order out for $5000, when the bank clears the MO
    please wire my client the extra $4700" A weeks worth of work, and I marked it "sale pending" I had two other "buyers" who's initial emails were so blatantly scams that I didn't respond. made some sense, persistent, sounded possibly legit. Be careful out there!! Don

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    thanks for the heads up...

    sorry for the trouble!!

    Peace, Pogue
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