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    replacement for yamaha htr5440

    my 5440 is fryed. what is a good replacement.(cheap)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ramblinman89
    my 5440 is fryed. what is a good replacement.(cheap)
    Any lower priced Onkyo.
    I have used Integra(basically Onkyo) for going on six years with no trouble, my friend has had a mid-line Onkyo for close to five, no problems yet.
    AND, most importantly, great sound.
    Runs a tad warm, so vent it properly.
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    The Yamaha 465 has the latest decoders for HD audio and fully functional HDMI connections. I found one for my friend on for $249.00. I don't know if there are any more sellers at that price but it's easy to find one at $299.00. You have to go up to 565 to get an on screen display via HDMI.

    I like Onkyo too but they don't meet the criteria for "cheap". I think their receiver with HD audio starts around $349.00.

    Pioneer has a receiver in the $299.00 range as well with all the latest decoders but some of the user reviews talked about issues with lip synce and something else, I forgot.

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